INTRUST Bank Arena is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable experience for all guests. The staff is on-site to support an environment free of disruptions and interference including obscene language or gestures or any other disruptive behavior. Guests violating the code of conduct below will be asked to leave INTRUST Bank Arena immediately as the staff reserves the right to expel, without refund, any ticket holders acting inappropriately. To maximize your fun, please read and follow the following Venue Rules.

Arrival Policy

INTRUST Bank Arena recommends you give yourself at least 30 minutes before your show’s start time to find parking and make it to your seat.

If you arrive late, you may be asked to wait in the lobby or hall until the earliest appropriate break period during the show at the discretion of the event staff. This allows audience members to enjoy the show with the least possible disruption. During hockey matches, you will have to wait to access your seat until the puck is not in play. You can call event services at 316-440-9150 for more information about the “Puck in Play” policy.

Children Policy

Individual events at INTRUST Bank Arena may not be appropriate for younger children. Please refer to the event description for details. If a young child is disruptive during an event, the event staff may ask you to wait in the lobby until an appropriate rest period.

Dress Code Policy

INTRUST Bank Arena requires guests to wear shirts and shoes at all times for their safety. If you wear clothing displaying offensive text or imagery, event staff reserves the right to deny entry. Please refer to the venue Code of Conduct for more information.

Flyers/Printed Materials/Product Samples Policy

INTRUST Bank Arena does not allow printed materials, flyers, or product samples to be handed out during an event without prior written permission. You may contact the administrative offices at 316-440-9004 to ask for permission.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost and found items are taken to the Guest Services Info Desk in the South Lobby. During events, guests should visit this desk to inquire about lost items. After events, you can contact INTRUST Bank Arena administrative offices at 316-440-9004. Please be prepared to offer your full name, contact information (address and phone number minimum), and a detailed description of your lost item. Please keep in mind that INTRUST Bank Arena accepts no responsibility for lost items.

Prohibited Items Policy

All bags and guests are subject to search at INTRUST Bank Arena events. The following items are not allowed inside of the venue and, if discovered, may be disposed of by the patron or returned to their vehicle. INTRUST Bank Arena does not safeguard personal belongings of any type. The following is a partial list of items that are not allowed on the premises. Guests are advised to contact Event Services at 316-440-9150 for specific policies/information regarding an event.

  • 35 mm or detachable lens cameras 
  • Camera lenses that extend 3” or more 
  • Audio or video recording devices 
  • Tablets 
  • Selfie sticks 
  • Flash/professional photography, tripods or monopods 
  • Weapons; including but not limited to pocket knives, guns, box cutters, knives, mace, pepper spray, brass knuckles, fireworks, stun guns, etc. 
  • Laser pointers 
  • Studded jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and spurs 
  • Wallet chains 
  • Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, e-cigarettes 
  • Backpacks (this includes diaper bag backpacks) 
  • Bags larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″ will not be allowed (no matter what type of bag or purpose of the bag). The lone exception is bags that are medical, such as AED, breast pump, catheter, diabetic pump, and oxygen tank. 
  • Outside food and beverage, bottles, glass, cans or flasks 
  • Golf/large umbrellas 
  • Heelies, skateboards, rollerblades, helmets, chairs, beachballs 
  • Noise making devices, air horns, drums, whistles 
  • Signs/banners/posters may not be larger than 24” x 36” or attached to a pole or stick. Signs must be collapsible or able to be folded. 
  • Other items as determined by facility management

Refund Policy

INTRUST Bank Arena does not honor refunds on invalid tickets. If you do not have a valid ticket, you can visit the box office to purchase a valid one.

SIgns policy

INTRUST Bank Arena welcomes guests to bring small signs, banners, and posters to show support during an event. All signs must meet the following criteria.

  • Item must be related to the event.
  • The item may not be attached to a pole or stick 
  • The item may not be larger than 24” x 36” 
  • Item must be collapsible or able to be folded 
  • The item may not block the view of other guests 
  • The item may not be hung, attached or displayed on any part of the building 
  • The item may not contain or display obscene/offensive language 
  • The item may not contain or display obscene/offensive photos/pictures as determined by INTRUST Bank Arenamanagement 
  • The item may not in any way create a safety hazard for others as determined by INTRUST Bank Arena management

Tours policy

INTRUST Bank Arena offers tours by appointment only. Please contact the administrative offices at 316-440-9004 for more information.