Def Leppard & ZZ Top at INTRUST Bank Arena

Def Leppard & ZZ Top Tickets

INTRUST Bank Arena | Wichita, KS

Yes, it is finally here: the night of unforgettable fun – Def Leppard & ZZ Top is coming to Kansas for a night of live entertainment beyond imagination. The media has already defined it with one word: LEGENDARY. Anyone who has seen Def Leppard & ZZ Top live knows that this really is the most suitable way to descibe the show the audience should expect on Monday 5th October 2020. And it is won’t happen just anywhere! The greatest event of 2020, according to critics, will take place in Kansas’s leading venue: INTRUST Bank Arena! Epic sound, fantastic stage, and lively vibe, INTRUST Bank Arena is the best place to experience the one and only Def Leppard & ZZ Top on Monday 5th October 2020! See you there!

Def Leppard & ZZ Top at INTRUST Bank Arena

Epic entertainment has finally come back to Wichita, Kansas on Monday 5th October 2020 when the INTRUST Bank Arena hosts Def Leppard & ZZ Top. This marks the latest chapter in this venue’s history of bringing thrilling and breathtaking shows straight to this beautiful city and patrons have taken notice. That’s because the INTRUST Bank Arena does more than just bring the best local and national stars to their venue, but they offer patrons and guests the hottest benefits that you can only find there. From secure parking just around the corner, you’ll be able to enjoy restaurants and bars on the same street and block so you can experience fine dining before or after the show. The venue itself also deserves every award and appearance on top ten lists across this side of the country with their comfortable seating, elegant decor and atmosphere, and refreshing selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Let’s not forget that the sound and lighting design at this venue keeps you closer to the action no matter where you’re seated in the stands. So, if you want to experience an authentic and second to none premiere then don’t delay. Click the Buy Tickets button below to secure your tickets today.

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