WWE: Raw at INTRUST Bank Arena

WWE: Raw Tickets

INTRUST Bank Arena | Wichita, KS

As if the month of January could get any better, a huge announcement has just been made! Wwe IS COMING TO Kansas. That’s right, the month of January is FULL of amazing entertainment. Where is this breathtaking event taking place you ask? Only at the ICONIC INTRUST Bank Arena!! People from all over are going to be pouring down to the city of Wichita in massive numbers. So, get ready for a night of breathtaking entertainment. Tickets are now on sale across the country and selling quick! Buy yours here!

WWE: Raw at INTRUST Bank Arena

Huge sporting events like Wwe could only ever happen at the INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Not only does the venue boast some of the clearest sightlines to the action no matter where you’re seated, but every seat has been designed for extreme comfort. The owners of the venue put your relaxation as their top priority and offer a great range of features to make your visit the best. From easy-access parking all around the venue, to a wide selection of vendors to order your choice of snacks and refreshments, you are never further than a short walk away from what you expect. Let’s remember that the venue is surrounded by some of the greatest bars and clubs in Wichita, making it simple to find somewhere to celebrate a win or wash down defeat. So, be sure to not miss out on THE sports event of the year at the INTRUST Bank Arena.

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