Wichita Thunder vs. Rapid City Rush at INTRUST Bank Arena

Wichita Thunder vs. Rapid City Rush Tickets

INTRUST Bank Arena | Wichita, KS

Get ready to hit the ice because on Wednesday 21st December 2022 you could join many hockey fans in watching Wichita Thunder vs. Rapid City Rush. This hockey match brings the greatest athletes in hockey for a head-to-head GAME that could could only happen at INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Intense competition like this always leaves you jumping from your seat and cheering as two awesome teams clash on that intense Wednesday. Two teams have trained for this difficult game. Two goalies will do their very best to guard their nets. And two starting squads are just aching to start and prove their worth. But only ONE team can come out victorious. And even the most seasoned sports fans can’t agree on who will be the best during Wichita Thunder vs. Rapid City Rush! But you can catch every intense second only if you’re there to see it. And you won’t be alone. Already, hundreds of tickets are sold and more are selling out as you read this. So join the fun and cheer on your favorite team this Wednesday 21st December 2022 for the hottest game to come to Wichita! All you have to do is book your tickets before they sell out!

Whenever Wichita fans in the know demand a premier evening of hockey entertainment – INTRUST Bank Arena delivers it. December will make no exception as the highly anticipated Wichita Thunder vs. Rapid City Rush will finally hit the illustrious stadium to take the patrons on an unforgettable (and action packed) adventure in the world of A-class hockey! Both the teams are on top of their games and will keep the visitors on the edge of their seats from start to finish. What’s more, the hosts will play their crucial role in delivering the most authentic hockey experience by offering a wide variety of perks that leave nothing to be desired. It doesn’t hurt that the stadium is located on the same block as some of the finest dining places in town, so you can enjoy their award-winning cuisines before or after the event. Clear your schedule on Wednesday 21st December 2022 and head down to INTRUST Bank Arena to cheer on your favorite players and get a lingering taste of the hockey arena at its finest!

Wichita Thunder vs. Rapid City Rush at INTRUST Bank Arena

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