Wichita Thunder vs. Kansas City Mavericks at INTRUST Bank Arena

Wichita Thunder vs. Kansas City Mavericks Tickets

INTRUST Bank Arena | Wichita, KS

INTRUST Bank Arena, Wichita, Kansas is renowned for being the greatest venue of its kind in the area, it has held some pretty great live events and spring, 2022 is no different! Do you know who will be showing up? You guessed it the magnificent Wichita Thunder vs. Kansas City Mavericks on Friday 4th March 2022! If you're a fan you NEED to attend! Tickets are out for general release for the big day this March and are selling promptly, if you haven't already then now is your chance to book. Do it with the click of a button, scroll up to press buy then you know for sure you'll be at the big event this March!

You haven’t witnessed incredible hockey matches until you’ve seen one of the games held at the INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. The stadium is home to one of the greatest teams in the league that delivers unrivalled on-ice action every single time they return to defend their team. But the on-ice action isn’t the only reason to appreciate this venue, since it also provides patrons everything they could ever want. From the minute you enter the venue, you’ll be blown-away by the huge choice of vendors scattered throughout the venue offering the biggest selection of refreshments, snacks, and merchandise. The facilities are kept clean by the hour and the seating is one of the comfiest in Wichita. So, come down to the INTRUST Bank Arena for your next live hockey experience.

Wichita Thunder vs. Kansas City Mavericks at INTRUST Bank Arena

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